About Us

Creating Social, Economic & Environmental Solutions For All People, Worldwide

Gone Green Superfoods is the world’s trusted manufacturer and importer of the most nutrient dense superfoods available.

We grow, source and manufacture organic superfoods from around the globe. Together, we support Social, Economic and Environmental solutions for all people worldwide.

Meet the Team

Here are people behind our success
Brian Wentzel
Co-Founder / C.E.O.

Brian is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Office of Gone Green. After a decade of studying business, global economics and law Brian joined forces with his younger brother William Hamburg and created Gone Green. Together, they created the first online marketplace that planted a tree for every product sold. Brian’s passion is to create a positive message in the world through film and music.

Will Hamburg
Co-Founder / C.M.O.

William is the Co-Founder of Gone Green. He was born in Belize, Central America and raised in Sedona, Arizona. Living between Central America and the U.S., William takes great pride bridging the gap between developing nations and the global trade industry. Ensuring that not only the best organic & wild ingredients are sourced but, the communities cultivating them are improved along the way as well.

Adam Watts
Operations Manager / Head Chocolatier

Adam grew up in Sedona, Arizona. Adam has worked for the last decade in the food industry and is the founder of Fred’s Fine Chocolates & Sedona Sweets. After a successful launch in his local market he decided to join the Gone Green team to further develop his skills and take his brand to the national marketplace. Since then, Adam has developed dozens of recipes for Gone Green and its clients.

Lena Sommer
Director of Coffee / VP Sales Europe

Lena was born and raised in Winterthur, Switzerland. At a young age she joined the third largest coffee trading company in the world, Volcafe (ED&F Man). As an economics apprentice, she gained experience in each department from the sample room, treasury, futures desk and logistics. After 4 years at Volcafe, she travelled to Central America to gain more experience in the field and is now studying to be a Q Grader.

Eduardo J. Cajas
Managing Director Gone Green Superfoods (S.A.)

Eduardo studied business and political sciences in South America and Europe. For the past 12 years he has been working in agriculture specifically as a cocoa grower. His interests are in sustainable living and urban farming. Eduardo manages Gone Green’s South America operations.

Jon Bottarini
Chief Technology Officer

Jon Bottarini graduated with a degree in Information Science and Technology from the University of Arizona. He has worked with a variety of companies including Apple, Unmanned Systems Source, and Hacker One in order to help them reach their technological and online needs.






The most important way to decide who to work with is to understand their experience. This is where Gone Green thrives. The Gone Green family is involved in nearly every industry pertinent to the Green Movement. To name a few: we are involved in: film production, the music industry, print, retail, farming, solar power, tech and digital marketing. With a such strong reach into all of these industries we are confident that not only are we the best partner we are a great strategic partner to help you grow your organization sustainably. Together, we can “Green” the planet back to paradise.


Our commitment to quality is unprecedented. With over a decade working in the health and wellness industry we have witnessed the rise (and sometimes fall) of companies working in the organic health food industry. By beginning the quality control on the farm and maintaining a tight watch on every single aspect of the harvest, production and shipping we treat our quality control like a submarine and do not allow even the slightest hole in our boat. We only deal with organic products and wild products in our certified FDA, and certified organic kitchen. If quality is the most important part of your business and your project, then we are a great team!


Gone Green Superfoods was created to bridge the gap between all the “middle men” between the farmers and the final consumers. We saw that farmers in developing countries were doing all the work planting, growing, tending, storing, sorting, packing and shipping the commodities around the world while the “traders” in New York and London who had never ever heard of the most of these countries, let alone visited them, were the ones setting the price. Not only this, but when the commodities leave the producing county the farmers were left with the least amount of money before the consumer decides to buy it. Absolutely no money was going back to the producing country, let alone the farmer. It is our mission to change this because in the end, it is the farmers who grow our food that are the real “bankers”.


We take great pride in our vision. Our mission statement is; “To Create Social, Economic & Environmental Solutions for all people worldwide”. With a mission this big we must have a big impact. We see the best way to create Social Solutions is to empower not only our employees and vendors but our community. We believe in giving people a second chance. Every person, no matter how or where you grew up has undeniable rights as a human and those rights must always be protected. To create Economic Solutions, we believe the best way is to operate in a economic atmosphere that is less dependent on its currency and more dependent on its ability to produce value in the world. Last and certainly not least, we have Environmental Solutions. We believe the best way to create Environmental Solutions in the world we have to focus on Clean Air (Planting Trees), Clean Food (Organic, Wild, Heirloom), and Clean Water (Charity:Water, EcoFiltro). To learn more about the work Gone Green is doing visit GoneGreen.org