Economic Solutions

Empowering Ourselves, Education & Political Action.

Economic Justice: Solutions We are Implementing

1. Empowering Ourselves

Continue empowering ourselves to be the real holders of our own true wealth and walking the walk in our own lives. We know that goods, services and ideas are true wealth.

Money is only the means in order to exchange those things amongst each other. Therefore we never get the cart before the horse. We always create goods, services, and ideas in order to create value for the world, forcing money to show up as the means of distributing our contribution to the world.

We encourage everyone to do the same and not to fall victim of thinking money is the master. We say, No! Money is the servant. You are the master.

2. Education

Financial Literacy is one of the most needed subjects in our classrooms. Understanding how money currently works in society and what gives money its value is the first step towards the real solution. No matter if it is Social, Economic or Environmental justice, education will also be the solution.

We are doing what we can to educate people to these issues and help people more clearly discern and see the actual complex layers that are the true causes of our global economics.
3. Political Action

The political actions that can be taken:

  • Get money out of politics.


  • Get us back on an equity-based currency, issued by the Treasury Department (not a private institution)
    Issuing it to us interest free and let the markets determine the value of our money, not a Private Central Bank.


  • Change corporate laws, allowing for socially responsible public and private corporations to choose to put society and environment above profit without tax implications. The fact is, a CEO of a publically traded company in the US is obligated by law, to do everything in their power to profit – regardless of their harm to the planet, people or animals. If this one terrible law was changed millions of problems around the globe would be solved. Whenever we discuss this particular with people they always mention, “What about B Corporations?” And our position is this. We love what B Corporation is working towards however, upon deeper investigation to become a B Corporation we learned that not only was B Corporation funded by the Rockefeller Family but also if we sell solar panels that have parts made in Asia or if we import goods we are not eligible. Apparently, it doesn’t matter if we are supporting 800+ farmers, doesn’t matter if everything we import is organic. Doesn’t matter that we are contributing to get more homes in our area to run on Solar Power.

Therefore, we must continue to empower ourselves, educate ourselves and continue to take political action whenever possible.